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Six Seconds


It was the fastest six seconds of our lives. First she was there, then blink and she's one. By the time we catch our breath we blink and Nugget is two, then three...four...five.

We blinked again today and now she is six. Six! I know how it happens from a biological and chronological point of view but it is still hard to wrap my head around.

Nugget is six. She is in senior infants. She is donating her hair to wig shops for kids with no hair and raising money in the process. She is attending large parties with her peers and has more friends now than I have contacts in my phone. She is smart and weird, strong and scared, bored and brilliant all rolled into one. She has a hobby collecting hobbies, but she never forgets which hobby is the current favourite.

The ladyfriend put together a little collage of pictures from Nugget's six years (SIX!) on the planet. You don't notice the changes daily, they slowly happen. The round head has hair, the cheeks are less chubby, the smile more sly when it has to be. But looking at the pictures the changes are evolutionary. Leaps and bounds, moments captured in time that has gone by so quickly.

She's six!

I'm starting to think I should pop toothpicks under my eyelids to stop blinking and not risk her being seven before I get to sleep tonight.

Since we couldn't really do anything last year, this year we broke our 'No kids parties in the house' rule and let her ask around a small group of her school friends. It was utter carnage. Between bouncy castle fun, toy arguements, sugar highs and lows, the chaos gods themselves would have wondered what was going on.

But when the dust had settled, the last fanta filled fucker sent back to their home, and Nugget was getting tucked into bed we got our reward.

"Best birthday ever," she said, wrapping her arms around our necks and squeezing with all her might.

Sure isn't that what we do it for in the end really.




Ah the grand declarations that I would post more content on this site at the start of the year. To be fair, I have been posting content. Just not here.

Over the years I have toyed with the idea of closing down the site, purely because finding the time to write content on it can be very hard. Such is life. You work. You parent. You family. You sleep. Rinse and repeat. But as a famous writer once said "If you want to be a writer, you just write every day."

Which, I'm happy to say, I have been doing. But as I pointed out at the start just not here. I am going to try and make a concerted effort to change that now, though.

See I started writing more on the podcast blog, funny articles to help drive traffic that way. Then I got hooked on reading Medium articles and started to write content there as well. Both acts resulting in me neglecting the little spot of the Internet I had carved out many years before. The Void into which is shout my wisdom...for no real reason other than to put key to board.

Man, 'Pen to paper' just really doesn't translate into the modern day. Does it?

What I have been doing, however, in terms of writing activities that don't include working on the book is promoting things.

See, as an indie author I have to do all the promoting of my work myself. I don't have an army behind me at all. But that's okay, if you actually bother to put the graft in for that stuff. Which I haven't been for the last few years.

This was, however, because of a theory I was working on. In the Age of Kindle, were anyone can put up a novel or book, I wanted to show that I wasn't just doing this as a once off bucket list item. I wanted people to see that I was in this for the long slog. Having written five books now (four of which are available) and started work on the sixth I figured this was the right time to show that I am serious.

One book - anyone can do.

Two books - just trying to show you can do it more than once.

Three books - okay, maybe you are serious now.

Five books - time to start promoting things you idiot they aren't going to promote themselves.

To which, I have now started a second Twitter account: dcpower_author. The idea behind this account is that it will be purely for writing. I'm going to engage more with fellow writers and promote the books more on it. My old jester account will still continue, because I need somewhere to post silly crap as well.

But, like all my good ideas, I just need to actually stay the course with it.

That, in itself, is the hard part.

Now I have to formulate a promotion strategy. Sure how hard can that be?